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Dua-e-Kamil also known as the “Supplication of the Perfect One,” is a special prayer in Islam. People say this prayer to ask for help, guidance, and blessings from Allah, the Islamic God. It is a meaningful and important prayer for Muslims, giving them comfort and strengthening their faith. People believe that when they say this prayer, they are connecting with Allah in a deep and meaningful way.

Dua e Kamil PDF Download

Dua e Kamil MP3 Audio

Benefits of Dua e Kamil

Imam Zain ul-Abedin (AS) states:

“He who recites Dua-e-Kaamil at the start of the day or at night, will be under the protection of one lakh firishtas, and will be rewarded the the sawaab of a hundred siddiq (Truth-sayers). If the person die that day Allah Taala grant him Jannat.”

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